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Car Wrapping

Your choices are endless. Some even opt for monochrome style.
Everything is possible. As far as the basics. Any color, any structure, design - and all, whatever their output from the paint vehicle. It is Your decision. We are happy to help. Some working examples of our WrapCenter see the Car Show.

Like New!
After a total cover Vollfolierung your car looks like new. Your friends will be amazed.

Film protects property
Our quality films protect the paint from small stone chips, scratches and Weather. You may wish to be completely removed.

Practically when buying a vehicle
You have an interesting used cars in sight. But the body color you do not like. No problem. Access - and bring the car right at us.

conceal traces
Small stone damage, tiny scratches and other signs of wear are forgotten after a bond. Save yourself the repair work. They think in large - and how you imagine your dream car.

beware classic car fans
In a finish that does not match the original paint, no H flag is granted. A total cover wrapping is the better solution. The original paint is preserved. The film can be completely removed later.

Wrapping - Before
Wrapping - After

PartCover - Teilfolierung

Make your mark. Where you foiling only individual vehicle parts. Beautiful tiny traces and scratches can not disappear.

  • Paint protection in the areas that are really vulnerable
  • Fast processing (usually within one business day)
  • color or pattern complement the existing paint
  • Long-lasting, high-quality brand film
  • Wash street party

Total Cover - Vollfolierung

Her car. Your Style. Finally everything consistently to your taste - and at a price that can be also seen.

  • Perfect paint protection. Removable without residue
  • Fast processing (usually within 4 working days)
  • colors as desired
  • Wide range of structural films (Camouflage, Jaguar fur and many others)
  • Cost-effective compared to the paint
  • Long-lasting, high-quality brand film
  • Wash street party
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